Auditions at Guelph Little Theatre are open to the public.

We advertise auditions on this site and in the Guelph Little Theatre Facebook page and group. You don’t have to be a GLT member to audition, but anyone who is cast in a GLT play must become a member of Guelph Little Theatre. Please refer to specific audition announcements for the requirements for any particular show.

Auditions for Romeo & Rosaline

Auditions are by appointment only. For an AUDITION appointment contact Peter Busby by email: [email protected]
Audition Dates

  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019 • 7:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Friday, December 6, 2019 • 7:00am – 10:00am
  • Sunday, December 8, 2019 • 1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Callback audition • Tuesday, December 10 @ 7pm

Audition Format:
Each Actor will be given 15 minutes with the directors.

Actors will be asked to:

-Bring a brief 2 minute Monologue to perform, but it is not mandatory
– Read scenes/monologues from Play

*Actors are encouraged arrive early to fill out an Audition Form, and read Scenes/Monologues provided in Lobby.

**Script: Script is available at the Guelph Public Library

Romeo and Rosaline – Cast of Characters

A Troop of Travelling Players are putting on their own interpretation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ complete with new characters, plot lines and love stories. We are looking for Actors who are 17 years or older. Please Note: character ages are suggestions only.

Chorus: Can be Male or Female. Our Host for the evening, a wise guide who steers the Audience through this tale of fun & folly, and who tempers the weight of the Bard’s great masterpiece with good humour. (Suggested age range 33-65)

Rosaline: Lady of wit, warmth, and independence. Born into the Renaissance, Rosaline is determined to forge her own path in a man’s world regardless of the silly demands it makes upon her sex. (Suggested age range 19-28)

Isabella: Rosaline’s companion is fun, feisty, and fiercely loyal. Isabella takes full earthy view of life, love, and men. She has a temper when roused. (Suggested age range 25+

Juliet: Charming and silly, romantic and full of energy. Love is in the air and this girl’s just got to have it! (Suggested age range 17-23)

Romeo: In Love with Falling in Love – which he does constantly, and to great excess ! He’s Handsome, charming, but definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.
(Suggested age range 17-23)

Benvolio: Romeo’s smarter, steadier friend. He is wise, witty, and without vanity. Loyal but not blind. His passions are tempered with honesty and intelligence. He will love deeply rather than extravagantly. He has that classic Renaissance mind; prone to reflection, idealism, contradiction, and self-recrimination – all delivered with impeccable Shakespearean Verse ! (Suggested age range 19-28)

Mercutio: A Renaissance Jock; well educated, but itching for action to prove himself. He can be arrogant, pompous, chauvinistic, and hopelessly childish. But he can eventually prove himself capable of self-reflection. (Age stated in script as ‘21’ but actor who is playing
him could be 18-26)

Peter: Street smart servant to the House of Capulet, he views the ‘His Betters’ as both a necessary naissance, and as source of free entertainment. (Suggested age range 18-40)

Capulet: Patriarch of house Capulet. Is he the defender of Tradition, Honour, Family, and good old fashioned values, or a just a stubborn old man ? (Suggested age range 40 + )

Cousin Capulet/ Montague: One actor to play dual roles – (Suggested age range 40+ )

Cousin Capulet: a sly old dog with an eye for the ladies – but it’s his hands that keep the maids of Verona wary. Soon meets his match with Isabella

Montague: A stately old gentleman of Verona, who can turn to a rabid (if toothless) pit bull at the mere mention of his old enemy’s name – even if he can’t remember what his arch enemy looks like.