GLT’s anthology available for purchase

News ReleaseOne Thousand TreesAugust 14, 2021 Local publisher Lisa Browning (One Thousand Trees) is pleased to announce that the most recent “Sharing” anthology, a book…More

Interior Car Cleaning Fundraiser

For the month of October, book a car cleaning with Guelph Auto Cleaners and part of the proceeds will be donated to Guelph Little Theatre.…More

Welcome Back

Guelph Little Theatre is delighted to open its doors in November and we would like to have your company. Protocols will be revised on a…More

Covid-19 Update

September 1, 2021 The Guelph Little Theatre Board of Directors reviewed updates from local, provincial and federal guidance regarding our pandemic status.Due to the current…More

An Update from Theatre Ontario

This blog post was originally published on the Theatre Ontario website. We are sharing it here in support of Theatre Ontario’s vision of a vibrant…More

Alex Kanarek

Look Who’s Working At GLT At Guelph Little Theatre you will frequently encounter a very affable gentleman, with a lovely British accent, making himself useful…More