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New comedy about an old legend: Andrew Batten’s lively spoof of “Romeo & Juliet” takes us on a risqué  romp through Verona and the bumpy lives of those characters who make it to the end of Shakespeare’s tragedy -- alive! Told with wit & panache, horseplay, swordplay, confusion & romance - with a dash of starlight.

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  • Thursday, May 21, 20208:00pm
  • Friday, May 22, 20208:00pm
  • Saturday, May 23, 20208:00pm
  • Sunday, May 24, 20202:00pm
  • Thursday, May 28, 20208:00pm
  • Friday, May 29, 20208:00pm
  • Saturday, May 30, 20208:00pm
  • Sunday, May 31, 20202:00pm
Main Theatre
Written by
Andrew Batten
Directed by
Christena Jackson & Peter Busby
Produced by
Courtesy of the Playwright's Family