You are invited to help celebrate the wonderful productions we have successfully put up on the GLT stage over the past two seasons.

They include:13: The Musical, Twas, When the Reaper Calls, Swordfish, An Inappropriate Claus, Romeo and Rosaline, Can Lightning Strike Twice and The Ward One Acts 2022.

Our Celebration Occurs in the GLT Lobby  Sunday September 11 at 2 pm.

We ask that you please RSVP as we shall be providing food and soft drinks. The bar will also be open but will be at a minimal cost. We also need to put up chairs so we really do need to know how many will be attending.   RSVP by obtaining your free ticket at

GLT recognizes their volunteers by celebrating the shows of the past season.

This year we shall be celebrating the shows just prior to Covid as well as the ones this season.

Unlike previous years, the ballots for show awards have been cast by ONLY the  AUDIENCE that Attended the show.

These include: the top 14 Outstanding Acting Awards including the One Acts.

The three outstanding awards for the teams in the following:

a)    Outstanding Visual Atmosphere- includes set designers, builders, painters, lighting and sound designers

b)   Outstanding Costume and Props- includes the designers and creators in this area.

c)    Outstanding Production Team- includes Director, producer, stage manager, ASMs, lighting and sound operators.

 d) Two one Act awards for effective choices a) visual & costume prop;

 e) Storyline & stage management

In addition the cast and crew of each production selected their own 5  awards for recognition .

There are 40 awards in this category- 5 from each show-

Best Save, MVTP cast, MVTP crew, Rock of Gibraltar (dependable) , Peter Pan and Wendy(amazing).

We also have some WODL ADJUDICATOR AWARDS from TWAS to present(festival had been cancelled so awards were sent to the theatres to hand out)

Please come celebrate our successful season of wonderful shows.

If you have photos you wish to share in our running picture gallery please send them to:

[email protected]

Pamela Niesiobedzki-Curtis


Production Manager

Guelph Little Theatre