Lynne McIntee

The GLT Board of Directors would like to express its gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Lynne McIntee, as she finishes out her sixth year as the Publicity Chair for Guelph Little Theatre.

In her years as publicity chair, Lynne has been a tireless volunteer, as well as advocate for Guelph Little Theatre. Whether it was newspapers, page, print, radio, tv, the web, facebook, online, offline, poster drops, community centres, leaders, or community events, Lynne did it all. She has been a pioneer in creating an online presence for Guelph Little Theatre. And she made use of every one of her resources to make sure that that Guelph little Theatre was on the radar and part of the community consciousness!

Much of her work goes unseen, away from the glamour and glare of spotlights. But then, Lynne saw her job as bringing the spotlight to others, whether is was the talent on stage or the talent behind the scenes. Lynne had a way of making each person feel valued. She was never stingy in her praise, kindness, and always generous in sharing her good spirits. She always believed it was part of her mandate to introduce new people to Guelph Little Theatre. And they found their way into productions, our special events, even onto the Board of Directors, where they have made invaluable contributions to the continuation of the theatre.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and all the volunteers at GLT – Thank you Lynne McIntee, you’ve done an incredible job. We offer our gratitude and good wishes for six amazing years !

Written on behalf or the Guelph Little Theatre Board of Directors, August 9, 2021.

– Letter penned by Christena Jackson