Update September 2, 2020

This past season has been a challenge for Guelph Little Theatre.  The theatre has been closed since the middle of March. Access has been limited and, cleaning protocols were developed and instituted to ensure proper procedures and safety. In response, the Board of Directors has been working diligently to create a positive atmosphere, direction and climate. 

The first three shows – 13 The Musical, Twas and When the Reaper Calls – were well received.  The last two shows were progressing well, with many new people being brought into the theatre or returning after a time away, before Covid-19 struck and closed the theatre.  

Swordfish is on stage and ready to go when the theatre can safely open for patrons.  Romeo and Rosaline is getting ready to go.  It will follow as the second show this season. Depending on how things progress we may even be able to put on a third show and consider rentals later in the year. We know it won’t be for while yet, but are working to keep theatre in the minds of members and patrons.  

Several online projects and partnerships are in the works to provide entertainment and possible bring in some revenue.  Conversation CafĂ© is a series of vignettes written by local author Marion Reidel, taken from her book.  These will soon be posted to social media.  Also, a partnership with a local performer, Manu, who does puppetry and works with children and adults alike is also in the offing.  Watch for Capulet’s Corner, an offshoot of Romeo and Rosaline.  

This year we celebrate 85 years of excellence and are looking forward to having an event in the near future where members can celebrate together, likely outside in the parking lot, where several items will be available for purchase as a fundraiser. Members will get more information about this exciting project soon. Please consider renewing your membership to help at this time until we can return to doing shows.  Donations, as always, are gratefully accepted.

Community theatre has been a love of mine for a very long time. I have committed to working to bring people together in our wonderful space, to creating excellent theatre, and to develop a sense of community and creativity.   

Please consider all the ways in which you can help out and be a part of this wonderful, volunteer organization.  Remember: “Many hands make light work”.  Together we will create something extraordinary in the coming season.  

We are looking ahead to when we can open safely to welcome everyone back to our wonderful theatre.

Cathy Goudie, President