Guelph Little Theatre’s Online Fundraiser

Local author Marion Reidel adapted four short stories from her book “Café Conversations” and is collaborating with GLT members to bring her comedic scenarios to life. Her book made the long list for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor this spring and their dialogue driven style made them perfect for scripting. Thank you Marion for your generous collaboration with our theatre that enabled us to put together this fundraiser!

Welcome to Diagnosis, our second of four vignettes for Café Conversations & Guelph Little Theatre’s online FUNDRAISING initiative for our 85th season.

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Blind Date

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Stay tuned for the third vignette from Café Conversations coming soon!

Café Conversations
Author: Marion Reidel
Production Team:
Marion Reidel
Judith Eden
Christena Jackson
Lynne McIntee
Correy Poloniato
Introducing the Cast:

Blind Date # 3:
Benjamin: Erik Van Dyke
Cyndi: Rachel Chin
Annie: Cathy Goudie
Marg: Judy Carson
Dorothy: Pam Niesiobedzki-Curtis
I Quit:
Richard: Paul Elliott
Helen: Christena Jackson
Useful Information:
Toby: Travis Jones
Jennifer: Lynne McIntee

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