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Capulet’s Corner

Until we can offer live entertainment once again, we hope you will enjoy our online offerings. Our first online series was Café Conversations – vignettes that were adapted from four short stories by local author Marion Reidel.

Capulet’s Corner is our newest online offering. It is inspired by characters from the final planned show of our 2019-2020 season – Romeo and Rosalind by Andrew Batten. In this series of episodes, Juliet’s father, Lord Capulet, his normal activities curtailed by the pandemic, has taken it upon himself to share his wealth of knowledge with his fellow citizens by hosting a radio call-in show.

Please enjoy our videos and consider donating to Guelph Little Theatre. Each endeavour is a fundraiser for us to continue to shine light on our 85 year old theatre company and historical place in Guelph. If you would like to DONATE to our theatre, please contact us! We would be over the moon to hear from you! 

See the first episode of Capulet’s Corner here.

Episode 1 – The Playdate Feud

Coming soon to GLT

In the news – August 17, 2020

GLT is about to celebrate its 85th season and is back after the COVID-19 pandemic hit with online performances beginning this month. 

Check out this article in Guelph Today that showcases our upcoming online presentation of Café Conversations: The show must go on at the Guelph Little Theatre.