August 19, 2020

The pandemic has been challenging for the arts, culture and entertainment sector because both sides of the performance relationship are suffering. Guelph Little Theatre closed its doors on March 15th to undertake the responsibility to get the spread of COVID19 under control. Actors and production staff sheltered at home, and patrons had their tickets refunded. It was a sad decision, but a necessary one.

Now that August has arrived and the provincial government has authorized a controlled return to normalcy, Guelph Little Theatre has come up with a wonderful project to activate their volunteers’ creativity and reconnect with their patrons. A series of video performances will be uploaded to YouTube.

Author Marion Reidel

The first of these projects is “Café Conversations.” Local author Marion Reidel adapted four short stories from her book of the same name and is collaborating with GLT members to bring her comedic scenarios to life. The book “Café Conversations” made the long list for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour this spring and their dialogue driven style made them perfect for scripting.

The video, which will be posted on YouTube in later August, includes a trio of mature women discussing memory loss, a disenfranchised young man getting career advice, a blind date and a married couple who can no longer communicate. The familiarity of the characters will make you laugh and also reflect on the nature of relationships.

Check this GLT website, or our social media postings, for updates on our videos and other projects. You can also get involved as a volunteer or make a donation to support community theatre. The set for the comedy “Swordfish,” which was to open April 2nd, is still on the GLT stage and will be the first live performance as soon as conditions are suitable.

If you would like to DONATE to our theatre, please get in contact with us! We would be over the moon to hear from you!  Each endeavour is a fundraiser for us to continue to shine light on our 85 year old theatre company and historical place in Guelph.

Read the press release for our Café Conversations here.